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Third Fillathon Gift

Here's omorka   Fillathon Prize

She gave me two requests to choose from so I chose this one because it seemed like the most fun to draw.
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Filathon Prize 2

Here's ocelot_l 's Fillathon Prize

She wanted some Nostalgia Critic/ Film Brain pic, so I added a bit of a Kill La Kill flair to it.

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Heres lizynob Fillathon Prize Art!

She wanted a picture of Wayne and Oscar being cute and brotherly, I hope you like it.

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Shut Up and Smile

Title: Another Day in Paradise
Summary: Dan tries to get better, 90's Kid wonders how Dan is.
Warning: Angst and slight hints of depression.
Note: So this a sequal to my first 90's Kid/80's Dan fic, Shut Up and Smile. At first I was having questions as to weather or not to cntinue the story, since I felt that it was good enough as a deppresing little oneshot and that continuing it wouldn't do it much justice. Still, after re-reading it and being a sucker for hurt/comort, I feel like some sort of resolution is in order. You can see what I have in store for this peice or you can ignore it and see the first ch as a one true oneshot. Either way is fine with me :3

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Oh Jeez...

Title: Shut Up and Smile
Summary: Everything is back to normal, so why does 80's Dan feel so horrible?
Warning: Angst and mentions of rape
Note: My God, my first 90's Kid/80's Dan fic (or Entity!90's Kid/80's Dan)...and it's an angst one, oh well! I'll do something a bit more happy afterwards to balance it out <3

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Counting Clocks: Masterlist

 If i'm ever gonna properly organize shit, it's gonna be difficult putting it all on one page, so I'm splitting it up a bit Lol
So yeah this page is detected to my fic Counting Clocks.

Tytle: Counting Clocks
Gender: Slash, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Rating: Pg-13
Notes: Well it's my first fic on this site and well that's pretty much it XD

Part 1:
Chapter 1: His Baby
-Critic's creation is all he cares about
Chapter 2: Shot Down
-Critic accidentally shoots down Nerd's balloon
Chapter 3: Smooth
-The Nerd meets Critic, Linkara and Spoony for the first time
Chapter 4: Collaboration
-Nerd spends the night at Critic's place
Chapter 5: Leaving Today
-Nerd Leaves for California...
       Chapter 5.1: Please me
    ...Chick hires Nora for the Newspaper
Chapter 6: Alive at Last
-Critic's Time Machine comes to life...
     Chapter 6.1: Precious
  ...As does Insano's latest creation
Chapter 7: From Yesterday
-Critic visits Nerd from the past
Chapter 8: Dangerous Mind
-Critic thinks about companionship...
      Chapter 8.1: Best Thing Ever Created
   ...Insano starts to have troubles in paradise
Chapter 9: Drinking Alone
Dominic gets a visit from Phelous...
     Chapter 9.1: Tell You a Story
      ...and he tells Dominic about his day...
           Chapter 9.2: The Future
              ...Critic visits the future
Chapter 10: Take Me to the Riot (1/2)
      ...Critic tries to kill himself, Nerd and Kyle go camping...
           Chapter 10.1: Take Me to the Riot (2/2)
           ...Nerd talks to Critic when he wakes up from the coma.
Chapter 11: Kill The Lights
The Cinema Snob is Having second thoughts
        Chapter 11.1: Piano Man
          Just another night for Todd in the Shadows
Chapter 12: Empty Space
Linkara remembers back when the office was full
        Chapter 12.1: Sweet as Gunpowder
         Angry Joe is working late at the shop

Counting Clocks: Part 8.1

Title: Best Thing Ever Created
Part: 8.1
Summary: Insano finds himself way over his head
Warning: Some mild tension between man and robot

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Counting Clocks...

Title: Please Me
Warning: Includes OC's
Description: The Chick hires Nora
Note: I don't own Nora, she belongs to [info]m3rrys0ngstr3ss  I realy enjoy this character and I wish to explore her a bit more, I hope you don't mind her being a canon character to the Steampunk!V <3 

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Counting Clocks...

Title: Precious 
Warning: Contains curses and mechaphilia
Description: Insano wakes up to find something wonderful
Note: Well I decided to get going on some story arches, I have yet to get ch 6 up, but for now enjoy this <3

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O'Time to Organize

Alright I think it's time I organized my shit that way I can look at my stuff without having to surf the communities for them, so yeah.

Plus this is also for you guys who also don't want to go through that tedious search of finding all my old shit, that is if you even like my old shit to begin with, but whatever XD

This is going to be a continuing/growing list so don't expect it to remain consistent, the more shit I post the more I put on it, I just wonder what I'll add next.



Linkara is Cute!/Roadkill Roasting
Steampunk!Chick & Marzgurl

My Generation
Counting Clocks art for Me
Dame It Ma-Ti!/Cosplay Art of Weird
It's A Trap, Critic
Steampunk!Spoony and Insano
Midsummer Evening
The Betroth
Steampunk!Nerd & Critic/Black and Red
Threeway Plz!
The Masochism Tango
Sketch Dump 1
Night at The Pixel Palace
Steampunk!V Snob & Phelous
Sketch Dump 2
A Critic Before Christmas

Birthday Gift for ocelot_l
Birthday Gift for yersi_fanel
Birthday Gift for cowgirlxena